Led By Lust - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Void



Descrizione Void

Andrea Saccone, Manfredi Mansueto, Led By Lust

Testo della canzone

I'm staring the death
Staring the void
Between lunatic
And paranoid

All I have lived
All I have passed
All I have dreamt
All is a waste

I wanted to live
But not this way
Where is my future
Nowhere it lays

Once I believed
I would have been great
Now look at me
What do you see?

There is not time
For my time
I made my rhymes
Between the lines

I'm sick and tired
Of watching me
With tied hands
On my knees

Heal the disease
Help me please
To go out
From this mouth

Acid rains
Through My veins
They poison my brain
Again and again

Someone there?
Come to me
Come to see!



Album che contiene Void

album Underworld [2015 EP] - Led By LustUnderworld [2015 EP]
2015 - Sperimentale, Metal, Hard Rock
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