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"What can a poor boy do, except to sing in a rock 'n' roll band?"... In 1968 The Stones sang this simple words and the Licks, 40 years after, keep on trustin' on them! The band was born in 2003, influenced by dirty, dusty and bluesy old time Rock 'n' rollmade of four or less chords, mouldy garages and valves' heat. The guys had Stones, Zep, Aerosmith and many others on their desktop instead of books, guitars and slides instead of pencils...What can five poor boys do except to strike up a rock 'n' roll band? They started to play in tidy studios ending up in a dusty which they found the right way, the right mood to write and play what they really need and feel. So, after spending many years as a Rolling Stones' Tribute band, in 2008, they began to develop their old own tracks and create new ones, inspired by their experiences on stage and in life, most of them, spent all together. In the early days of 2009 the Licks started the recording sessions of their first EP, "Northbound", helped by many friends/artists and their extraordinary experience, choosing to find the right sounds and better arrangements with Fabio Rizzo ( 800A Records, WAINES and Second Grace - above all ) and mixing everything at the Cave Studio. Five tracks which strongly reflect the influences of the '70es, recorded few floors under ground, fags and shouting choirs, this is "Nortbound". "Five strings, three chords, two fingers, one asshole" - Keith Richards This in what the Licks want to do, nothing more, this is what the Licks call Rock 'n' Roll.

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