A wider spectrum of emotion and depth, a unique and compelling product that allows us to go beyond the standards and launch a strong message about our philosophy. Plaster (already Stroboscopic Artefacts, Kvitnu and more...), Giulio Maresca, Kimtama and John Haden, have reworked accurately and with deep personal interpretation the sounds generated in origin from Light Minded for the 1st Ep on Switch Music Recordings; it all has created an impressive release that across the styles like as the experimental, acid, techno and minimal. We are proud to announce our fifth release, for us amazing! Artwork from a photo by Alessandro Raffo aka VJ Look at the Monkey.


Light Minded (born Roberto Affuso) is a Dj/Producer since 1999, he is distin​guished by its energetic, compelling and avant-​garde, which reflects its focus on new music techno​logies, without ever moving away permanently from the past, and spacing between hypnotic sounds, ambient, intelligent techno, deep-d​arknes​s, sounds from nature, masterfully blending the sounds of conceptual Roland drum machines and vintage synth, with the latest computer technology dedicated to music production, his productions have very specific charac​terist​ics, unique, work with originality and harmony, rhythm contam​inated psychedelic '70s and '80s, combined with the latest electronic melodies, a decisive experi​mental flow worthy of a dance between the bright lights of a discotheque in this era!
He has received praise from the likes of Richie Hawtin, Agoria, Terence Fixmer, Claudio Coccoluto, Perc and many more!!!


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