Light Minded

2019 - Techno, Sperimentale, Ambient


Inspired by his various passions such as retro-gaming, synths and computer programming, this LP is the real expression of Post-Techno.
Using languages like JavaScript with the evolved DAWs, and with analogue and digital instruments, this release confirms the mature sound design experience and the unique clubbing approach of this Italian artist.
The whirring riff is hypnotic, and the moment it gets going it creates a strong energetic pulse.
The atmosphere reaches its climax before continuing to roll out in its creeping malevolence. With accented bass-lines, strong personality, IDM and melodic Ambient influences, every track presents a Sci-fi background that can fire up the dancefloor and embrace all with pure electricity.

Light Minded, or Roberto Affuso, stands out for its approach, which reflects his attention to new technologies without ever moving away definitively from the past: ranging from hypnotic, ambient or left-field sounds and blending the traditional drum machines and vintage synthesizers with the latest computer technologies. Having been playing since the nineties, in 2009 he became the art director of Switch, electronic music party based in Bologna, and now the co-founder of Switch Music Recordings, a record label that crosses the deepest techno as well as the most delicate electronic vibes. His sets have supported artists like Terence Fixmer, Perc, Ellen Allien, Adam Beyer, Maceo Plex and more - he also plays with other Switch musicians to create live sets and multimedia installations that range from classical contemporary to IDM.



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