Descrizione a cura della band

Experimental tracks with a respect for the structure, built on a kaleidoscopic crescendo, a bridge between the hard-psychedelic guitar riffing and delicate and sensitive musick with a mysterious touch. Imagine Espers jamming with a post-me(n)tal attitude, but with the Southern Lord blackened mood in her mind. ‘9’ is her debut full length CD: all the notes that you hear in the album were created and played by herself. She’s not only a highly trained musician, but a valuable artist as well. Her music will blow up your senses, being both physical and ethereal, expressed by a flowing songwriting. She’s different, open-minded and brave, and her music speaks for herself.

Lili Refrain: Guitars, Voices, Bow on Steel, Bass.
All tracks written, produced and performed by Lili Refrain,
except some fragments in:
track 3 "Asturias 's Theme" written by Isaac Albéniz /
track 4 "Bleedingrim's Intro" written by Concrete /
track 5 "Fra’Martino" written by Anonymous /
track 8 "The Godfat…


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