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I wake up in the morning after a troubled night / My hand is exploding, it traveled out to the sky / To be quite, it’s gonna be alright / I fling me into the street straight to castaway town / A strong smell’s coming up, rotten from the ground / For today, I hope to save me again / And an old man say, say to you, what you have to do / And an old man thinks, says, screams, now I’m ready to kick your ass / Loud screams from the alleys stop now my thoughts / While I’m goin’ prepare... to prepare my work / For tonight, I want to be left alone / A snooty girl is hungry for a hidden desire / She beats her man so proudly while she looks my eyes / Come on girl, it’s gonna be al right / Two passers reach and greet me in the end of the night / They don‘t stop to talk but just for praising their stuffs / Come on assholes, go to take a ride!


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La canzone October comes in springtime si trova nell'album Restless states of human mind uscito nel 2017.

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