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Walkin’ down desolated streets / Goin’ straight along a dirty wet floor / Rain cools my way, it’s fallin’ down for days / Light of stars tonight can’t heat my face / Electric lights makes dark despite they’re on / I could go back but I must go on all alone / Down the streets lamps seem sad / They don’t make me feel so bad / I followed comforting lies / Of your abstract world / Now I’m out, but I can’t feel anything / That’s the price I had to pay / I’m seein‘ through my apathetic eyes / Unknown emotions are falling down with the rain / While I am goin’ to cross the lane / Manholes are crying along the edge of the street / Tears are flowin’ under my feets / Dawn comes in a crowd of red clouds / Noisey dirty silence is the only thing I hear/ Rain stops now while drops run down the wall / They’re seem like tears of your soul.


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La canzone Seein' through (my apathetic eyes) si trova nell'album Restless states of human mind uscito nel 2017.

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