Descrizione a cura della band

After three mind-blowing funk-tastic rock albums (Evolution, 2006 / Italian Playboys, 2004 / Beat.It, 2002) and two US tours, The Link Quartet took a break which led organist extraordinaire Paolo “Apollo” Negri toward two solo records (A Bigger Tomorrow, 2007 / The Great Anything, 2009) and Hammondbeat into a much expanded relationship with this prolific master. They conspired that The Link Quartet would rise again when the time was right. THAT TIME IS NOW!

“4” is the culmination of everything Paolo and Hammondbeat have produced in the last few years, from vintage soul to their own unique brand of funk-jazz-rock, but squeezed into the raw, hyperactive, live-band genius of The Link Quartet. This is modern power-pop combined with R&B rock sensibility that separates “written songs” from “incomprehensible noise”.


Paolo Apollo Negri - Keyboards
Renzo Bassi - Bass
Alberto Pato Maffi - Drums
Marco Majo Murtas - Guitar


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