We are 4 piece indie rock band from Genova and we formed in 2009. The band consists of Andrea (02/05/1990), Carlo (07/07/1990), Alessandro (14/04/1992) and Tommaso (25/04/1990). Andrea and Carlo met up at school when they were eleven. Both started playin' together while attending high school and decided to form a band with the help of our schoolmate Tommaso who was learning how to play drums on his own in his garage. He's our favourite self-taught man definitely. Then Alessandro joined us after a few time. He doesn't still know about how electric guitar strings are called but he's got style indeed. When we played together for the first time we knew that something was comin' up. Everyone of us feel the need to create something own, need to communicate, need to dance,enjoy ourself,come into touch with people and stuff like that...after all we're just four lads. We hope to know more people and play gigs as much as possible...you should better come and see us, you won't regret it. That's for sure. Contact us: littlechestnuts@gmail.com