album Nanà EP - Los Gatos Escobar

Los Gatos Escobar Nanà EP

2015 - Elettronico



Descrizione a cura della band

The five tracks on Nanà, Los Gatos Escobar’s second release, cover the spectrum from frantically-building dance floor propellers to hypnotic headphone music. What all three original tracks have in common, however, is LGE’s polyglot sound, their attention to subtle beauty and more than a hint of Trafico Music fire.

AK’s back on vocals and this session’s remix duties are handled by a squad of established and like-minded producers: Vito & Druzzi (DFA; Throne of Blood), as well as Luca C & Brigante (Hot Creations; Double Drop). A good remix is a state of dual identity: while a song retains some of the essence of what it once was, it also becomes something new and unique in the hands of the collaborator. Slowly building and dreamy (Vito & Druzzi), urgent and driving (Luca C & Brigante), both remixes deliver.

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