Biografia Los Gatos Escobar

A couple of Italian DJ's shared a bill in Milan. They didn’t stick around long: one lived in NY and the other was moving to Mexico, but they stayed in touch. Two years later LOS GATOS ESCOBAR was born. Diego Angelico Escobar, who regularly performs as CONCRET, is a musician, producer and DJ who lives in Mexico City. Matteo Gatti is a New York-based producer and DJ who, under the moniker PLASTIC HEALTH, has remixed such artists as Cloud Nothings, His Clancyness, I Cani, and Wang Chung. Together, they are Los Gatos Escobar.

Los Gatos Escobar's debut is the “RUDE BOY” EP, out January 20, 2015 on Mexico City’s TRAFICO MUSIC. Just as Los Gatos Escobar move through the world—as comfortable in Milan as they are in Mexico, New York or Jamaica—Rude Boy is about an eclectic combination of influences. Their tracks draw from disco and house music, enriched by wall of sound harmonies and lush choruses that would suit a Bond theme song. Modern and classic at once, Los Gatos Escobar bring unexpected worlds together.

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