Luca D'Alberto

2018 - Strumentale, Elettronica, Alternativo


Following the success of his debut album ‘Endless’ released in 2017, the multi-instrumentalist and composer Luca D’Alberto is ready for his next step with ‘Exile’, his second studio album and his second release with 7K!, the imprint launched by the historic Berlin label !K7 focused on new music based on classical composition.

D’Alberto announces the album with the first single ‘Consequences’.  “In Consequences it’s as if there are two armies,” says Luca. “One of beauty and the other of darkness. Playing all the instruments myself, I tried to combine two worlds of different colours. There is a total unity of composer and performer. My fingers are completely connected to my mind, creating sound with all the beauty, limitations, and consequences born from this particular creative choice.”

To fine-tune the eight tracks of ‘Exile’, D’Alberto isolated himself with the aim of finding a dimension that would help him free his emotions and transform them into music. The result is a series of compositions built around powerful and memorable melodies, incisive crescendos alternated with more expansive passages, sound pyramids in which hidden elements emerge and chase each other; an interweaving dance of violin and piano, rhythms that seem to emerge from nowhere to create intriguing layers. All combined with cinematic atmospheres, delicate and melancholic, powerful and vigorous, marking D’Alberto’s great love for cinema and soundtracks - a love which has already seen him collaborate with such luminaries as the Italian actor and director Michele Placido, Peter Greenaway and his wife and multimedia artist Saskia Boddeke, and the Pina Bausch Tanztheater in Wuppertal, Germany.

D’Alberto’s acclaimed compositions have in the past been chosen to accompany multiple film trailers as well as adverts for the likes of Apple and the Wimbledon tennis championships. The heart of his writing is the melody, and D’Alberto’s goal is to give life to melodies as close as possible to the concepts of sublime and eternal beauty, as credible today as in a hundred years. Behind a solid classical formation, D’Alberto uses electronics as a means to amplify the expressive power of acoustic instruments such as piano, strings, drums of oriental tradition, gongs, and Tibetan quartz bells. This delicate and sensitive operation was brought about in collaboration with Patrick Christensen aka PC Nackt, a prominent figure of the German music scene, composer and multi-instrumentalist who started the String Theory project and has produced various artists including Apparat.

“Having immersed myself in other artistic fields, my sources of inspiration are not music and listening, but rather images and feelings,” tells D’Alberto. “In ‘Exile’ music has two strands. On the one hand there’s a sweetness, where I wanted to express the idea of a caress not given. On the other there is a more aggressive, powerful side, which translates into the presence of hidden blades connected to an urgent composition that I can’t escape.”
“With PC Nackt the idea was that of letting two armies collide: the army of sublime beauty and that of aggression; to allow those hidden blades in my music to emerge and thus create something new.”


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