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Mad To Be Saved is a project born during summer 2014 from an idea of Salvatore Rizza. After the experience with the electro-wave rock band “Minimitermini “who received major reviews with the record NOVOTRONIK and paved the way for the band to the most prestigious clubs in the Italian capital, Salvatore worked on his personal material drenched of noisy fuzzy guitars, pop melodies and elegant lyrics. Mad To be Saved is the name of this project. The one-man-band is based in Copenhagen and rely on the help of Elena Montomoli (guitarist in Minimitermini and Rome in Reverse) and Antonella Pacifico (Singer and composer in Minimitermini and Rome in Reverse). Mad to be saved music is drenched of 80’s shoegaze influences and early 90’s alternative rock, characterized by aggressivity and melancony, sweetness and dreamy layers. The first self-titled record is autoproduced and will be released in the end of November 2014.


Produced and recorded by Salvatore Rizza
Music and lyrics by Mad To Be Saved
Copenhagen - 2014

© - Salvatore Rizza - All right reserved


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