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Sushi [Testo: Andrea Imberciadori - Musica: Imberciadori/Stefano Tonelli] The train is approaching town Faces are getting familiar Late commuters deep in humble dreams: Beware your stop is upcoming! And I picture you lying on the sofa, Sushi left in the tray. Though you feel secure in between your sheets There?s a ghost in town you?re forgetting Oh, Now you leave me, Now you want me, Now it?s over again The city lies dormant and humming Red lights torture her eyes Broke and beaten gamblers lick their wounds: It?s the aftermath of this crisis And I picture you reading a book ?Tales of Vanity and Greed? While you seek refuge in your fantasies There?s a ghost in town you?re forgetting Oh, Now you leave me Now you want me Now it?s over again


La canzone Sushi si trova nell'album Antiquambience EP uscito nel 2010.

Copertina dell'album Antiquambience EP, di Malenky Slovos

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