Mamavegas Argonauts (People) Ascolta e Testo Lyrics

Mamavegas Argonauts (People) Ascolta e Testo Lyrics

Rock, Indie 

Roma, Lazio


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Testo della canzone

you're strange as you walk here, pale
nearly invisible your screams
life is so far away
our thoughts weigh on you

back home you read argonauts
deep philosophy, what's new?
won't you ever smile?
stuck to your lonely chairs

they paint their nails and tell me that's the truth
should our bodies shake or should we laugh?
let's laugh, today is a rainy day

if we keep behavin' this way
we'll end up smashed to the ground
we should have talked
we shoud have lived outside

Album che contiene Argonauts (People)

album Hymn for the Bad Things - Mamavegas
Hymn for the Bad Things 2012 - Folk, Elettronico, Acustico 42 Records, Audioglobe, Rough Trade

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