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the dawning was a heartbeat that drove us too far
drinkin' from each other's heart we soon got drunk and screwed it up
our love torn apart
we're looking for the missing part
but meanwhile we're sunk

shades clear out as I wake up your shape rises high
the outline of desired lands where passions loose their way and die
our love falls apart
everytime I must admit that it's all I've got

lower your eyes
it's the only way for me to cover my lies
back where you and I learned that

we're falling together
just like the stars above
some say we'll never die
tell me we'll never die

what do you expect from me? who do you want me to be?
will I measure up? and will you measure up too?
will you be wasted time? will you be wrong time?
is it goin' to last till the end, whatever that means?
will this love save us from ourselves?
or will it just bind our solitudes together?
expectations turn us into someone else's dream
that's not us
that's not me


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La canzone Our Love (Tales from Today) si trova nell'album Hymn for the Bad Things uscito nel 2011 per 42 Records, Audioglobe, Rough Trade.

Copertina dell'album Hymn for the Bad Things, di Mamavegas
Copertina dell'album Hymn for the Bad Things, di Mamavegas

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