Mamavegas - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Self-Portrait In Four Colours (Happiness)

Testo della canzone

I was lost, fog in a mirror
tried so hard to hide all my limits
I was lost, fog in a mirror

in the deep of the forest
coverin'up my footsteps
looking for my fingerprints
then a tempest of flowers
and your face

I'm aware I'm on my way back home
now I feel fear was speaking for me
nothing could go wrong if you keep hangin' around me

I need to realize that you are real

Album che contiene Self-Portrait In Four Colours (Happiness)

album Hymn for the Bad Things - MamavegasHymn for the Bad Things
2012 - Folk, Elettronico, Acustico 42 Records, Audioglobe, Rough Trade

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