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if there's no room to stay I think I'll drown today
war is over and amber's calling
they say don't put your faith in things you can't explain
that's why I gave to you all my love
like taming seven seas, I'll dream of seven sons
and suddenly forget them in your name
to find another way to get lost in your maze
and get back home late

I've lost my hands searching my pockets
for reasons to get rid of you

I think I'll try, another day
now cradle me between your waves
and I'll believe in all your secrets
I will lie and write another meaning
and tie a knot with every sip
and find out that it's not me

that's all I want to be, just driftin'off to sleep
and even when I'm bored you twist my will
every smile you gave meant seven days of pain
I'd really love to hold you but
I've lost my hands searching my pockets
for reasons to get rid of you

Album che contiene Tales from 1946 (Love)

album Hymn for the Bad Things - Mamavegas
Hymn for the Bad Things 2012 - Folk, Elettronica, Acustico 42 Records, Audioglobe, Rough Trade

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