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what will happen if I don't succeed?
what if this rope is not strong enough?
what if she breaks in as I'm breathin' death?
what if dust settles and fills up my gun?
will they laugh as a stretcher comes to take me away?
will they blame me while reading all these useless words?
will I cry thinkin' about what went wrong?
can't stand the look that’s in their eyes!

shame can grow even if there's no sin
they said you waste your life if you don't succeed
it made me look for you in every tree
as something sweet I could not reach

wear me out, I pray
be my last will be my hope
why all these green gowns?
offer me your hand
it really looks so frail and pure
won't hold all my bones
the only thing I learned
no one's safe inside his hole
these lights should not burn
wear me out I pray
be my last will be my hope
why all these green gowns?

should I go back?
where the firs stood still
where noises turned to thrills
maybe I should go back
high above those leaves
my hopes were not betrayed

Album che contiene The Stool (Hope)

album Hymn for the Bad Things - Mamavegas
Hymn for the Bad Things 2012 - Folk, Elettronica, Acustico 42 Records, Audioglobe, Rough Trade

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