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it disappeared one day
lost between teeth
mouths stare amazed
dust off your bike and run
please remember me
don't stay away for too long
and when the sun is gone
the picture of her
can keep you warm safe and calm
all along the road
gone, 'till you're gone
forget what you want
gone, now you're gone

found you, you were right next to me
sleepin', dreamin' so close to my lips
you'll be always an inch from blind beliefs
can't speak, you could wake up go down the drain
we search for ourselves, we're just excuses for joy
I'm fading out now, I can remember past
your hands
my gloom

so now just leave your lair
throw off your sheets
give up your cares
they all live on their own
they love, they love you
'till one day you're gone
we're all alone today
and poets, my envy
they talk to you, my poor life
my illusion of life
you, all my truth
you're what I can’t reach
you my faith


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La canzone Winter Sleep (Faith) si trova nell'album Hymn for the Bad Things uscito nel 2011 per 42 Records, Audioglobe, Rough Trade.

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