Marco Maggiore - Falling Down On Me testo lyric


My Eyes are open,
and my heart is broken,
thereʼs too much unspoken
and itʼs falling down on me
without protection,
leaves me no direction,
what a hard detention
falling down on me
I feel pushed to play out,
what i just gured out,
and i know it works out,
but now
itʼs falling down on me
I canʼt nd the junction,
to link the real to abstraction,
itʼs a resounding action
falling down on me
Sometimes your passions,
they grow like a cage
Sometimes you canʼt face your demons, their grip is too strong ...
wake up,
and face up
to your fears...


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from "PassWords", released January 20, 2014
Marco Maggiore: Vocals, drums, percussions, synths, programming, sounds Fabio Beltramini: Guitar
Andrea Fossella: Bass
Written by Marco Maggiore,
Massimo Zanusso.


La canzone Falling Down On Me si trova nell'album PassWords uscito nel 2013 per Artist First.

Copertina dell'album PassWords, di Marco Maggiore

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