Marco Patrignani - The Sun Will Shine Again testo lyric



Walking in this quiet, small room
a window to see through the walls,
talking about the last news
waiting for a better new time
I didn’t think you’d end up here
I cried, then, in my sleep
Night is as ugly as day
in this cold bed where you lay
Summer is winter for us
I hope you will get well soon
Life is sometimes so hard
Blue moods inside our hearts
Touching every finger of your hand
Breathing every breath of your soul
I see how important is your life
I want you here by my side

Chorus : And days fly away, it’s still the same
You always hope to go away
This life does feel so much pain
An’ I feel so closed to you for my life

Don’t guess what doctors could say
They said you will get well soon
Don’t try to read between lines
The Sun will shine again
Trying to laugh sometimes
dreaming of a new and better life
counting the days to get out
we’ll master our lives again
First a curse, now a prayer
rises from my lips and then dies
My eyes soared to the sky
Searching for a ray of light
Waiting for a new and better day
I have no more words to say
No aloud screams at the moon
Just staying here, near you

Chorus :


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Marco Sysma (autore, voce, chitarre, tastiere)
Antonino Augugliaro (batteria)
Roberto Meloni (basso)


La canzone The Sun Will Shine Again si trova nell'album Rock' n' Roll Will Never Die uscito nel 2017.

Copertina dell'album Rock' n' Roll Will Never Die, di Marco Patrignani

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