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I see a lot of people losing their way
Running every day, searching for something that they can’t explain
So square for five days (all five days) till the Friday night (Saturday too)
Lives wet by alcohol, lighten by pills to visit a paradise
A cloud of desolation is hanging over us
A drunk on a street or an internet addiction case tonight

A lot friends of mine seem disappeared
Put by a life leading to nothing, looking for a dream
All things are changing (so they say) but they stay the same (we can see)
Too many preachers sell their life for money every day
A cloud of desolation in a global connection line
Is driving our lives in a madness without time but

We’ve got the beat

I know a lot of people living day by day
They don’t want heroes or legends just a place where to stay
Too many politicians (yes too many) they don’t have any faith (just the power)
Now they’re only managers following a party in a careerist way
I try to understand the secret of happiness inside
And everything reminds me of you and I

We’ve got the beat

But there are a lot of people searching for a new way
They are rebels without weapons but a lot of faith
They still believe a kiss could change every life
We see a future rising tonight


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La canzone We've Got The Beat si trova nell'album Rock' n' Roll Will Never Die uscito nel 2017.

Copertina dell'album Rock' n' Roll Will Never Die, di Marco Patrignani

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