Marsh Mallows - Testo Lyrics Jackie

Testo della canzone

Jackie was a young boy
Full of dreams and nice girls
He lived in a forgotten
Place in the U.S.A.
He spent his time in his parent's pets shop
Lookin' for a way to gone away
A new world began
He saw himself like a soldier
In the "Desert storm"

In a perfect world
He would have come back
He would have survived
In a perfect world
Nothing's going wrong
Jackie would be still alive

Feeling a warm breeze
He never be so free
But freedom is different
When you can't choose
To lose (the meaning of your life)
To lose (the power of your rights)
To be (the killer of your dreams)
To kill (without a reason)
You could never stop

Sometimes I'm alone, alone with myself
Sometimes I'm the one who can forget
Sometimes I'm alone, alone with myself
Sometimes I don't care

Album che contiene Jackie

album Imperfect - Marsh MallowsImperfect
2005 - Punk, Hardcore
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