Mary the Widow - Dorothea testo lyric


we never had any choice
and the evidence
is the time we have lost

the final scene is arrived
in the evening
there's a lea-ving par-ty
ready to begin now

should better come
cannot miss it

why are you
looking for a reason
can't you see
it's happening,
jokes of fate, broken hopes
take us far away

falling apart with the grace
and the elegance
of a dancer of glass

singing and laughing around
everyone is drunk
and the songs they're playing
make me
feel a stupid now

should better go out...
what the fuck ...


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Questo brano è stato inserito in alcune playlist dagli utenti di Rockit: *principale* (di @ con 5 brani)


Quinto inedito della band registrato in diretta nel Luglio 2011.


La canzone Dorothea si trova nell'album Tracce recuperate uscito nel 2012.

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