Items of Bliss

Items of Bliss

Matteo Tambussi

2022 - Sperimentale, Pop

NFT license sale:

Matteo Tambussi’s 3rd crypto release “ITEMS of BLISS” follows the experiments of “3Mily” and “ghostTrack”. This time, the songwriter from Turin delivers 6 unique tracks where his progressive-pop writing style meets the electro industrial touch of the London-based producer Anything Pointless, opening a soundscape where the human element blends into the digital lores of gaming and crypto-metaverse.
The emotional outcry within deals with the collective psychic shift suffered with the pandemic and the most recent geopolitical fall, and addresses the tangible risk of human alienation in a threat-clocked world where techno-addiction seems to have become the only safe haven for people.

“ITEMS of BLISS” is an EP of five original tracks and one remix version by Anything Pointless. Each track represents a psycho-emotional phygital item and is associated with its own visual rendition by the Russian exile photographers Vladimir Mordvinov and Polina Mordvinova. The launch starts from the artist’s profile on the Italian NFT Dapp Onlymusix: here the public will be able to experience the full content and purchase NFT licenses per each track (10 licenses per track in total).

1. Blossoms (4’10’’)
2. Be My Friend (2’25’’)
3. Mental Diarrhea (2’54’’)
4. Fireburn (2’28’’)
5. Have It All (3’11’’)
6. Be My Friend - Anything Pointless RMX (2’20’’)

OpenLabel HiFi&DeFi DAO
“ITEMS of BLISS” is the release-0 of the newborn HiFi&DeFi open label, the first italian DAO-based music label born from the same-titled podcast series, a project started by Oliver Dawson ( and Matteo Tambussi in Autumn 2021.
The DAO is governed by the reputational HFDF erc20 token on the Polygon L2 chain: token holders can submit new proposals (e.g. propose new artists or releases), vote and govern the decisions over the common treasury. People wanting to join the DAO will be able to earn HFDF by taking on bounties (missions) issued by the label.



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