MD endless rain - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Apathy... no way



Credits Apathy... no way

Riccardo Marinaro: lead vocals/ guitar
Giuseppe Labruzzo: bass
Giuseppe Greco: drums
Lorenzo Baiamonte: keyboards/ synth

Testo della canzone

Apathy…no way 
Unforgettable dream on the red glass table
The rings of smoke are flying free
What happened inside me? What does it mean?
I’d like to agree… I’d like you by my side…
That’s not important… there’s no way… 
The trust on the change has fallen down
Who's going to collect  the water from the well now?
Is this the right time to leave? I could lose myself…
That’s not important… there’s no way…

R. Marinaro

Album che contiene Apathy... no way

album Endless rain - MD endless rainEndless rain
2013 - Rock, Alternativo
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