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Descrizione Endless rain


Credits Endless rain

Riccardo Marinaro: lead vocals/ guitar
Giuseppe Labruzzo: bass
Giuseppe Greco: drums
Lorenzo Baiamonte: keyboards/ synth

Testo della canzone

Lost in this place where all is sad and everybody is looking for my heart.
My feelings now are spreading. All seems true enlightened by this strong sunshine, so I will be waiting for the sunset. I’ll been waiting for the last drop of rain, but now a girl is moving towards a tree and she’s crawling, she wants to climb the wall. A gust of wind is gently blowing for her but this thick fog is clouding my mind. Is that you my dear soul? Is that you the one I’ve been waiting for? I feel my veins pulsing and all my body shining, the deepest breath is born in this place, for all that grace, my fears are fading away...
Stop! Don’t go! Please stay here let’s enjoy the rain! This endless rain...

Album che contiene Endless rain

album Endless rain MD endless rain
Endless rain 2013 - Rock, Alternativo

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