MD endless rain - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics I want



Credits I want

Riccardo Marinaro: lead vocals/ guitar
Giuseppe Labruzzo: bass
Giuseppe Greco: drums
Lorenzo Baiamonte: keyboards/ synth

Testo della canzone

I like lots of girls but they don’t love me, lots of girls like me but I don’t love them
I think that many wrongs are rights, but people think that “it's right what is right”
I want to make my mistakes! I want to go along my long way! So I will sleep quietly in my grave
Fuck all the people who think to know! Fuck all the rules we belong to
Fuck all the insanes who say: ”I am strong”! What is right? What is wrong?
I want to smoke so hard... what are you waiting for? My mother said to me: ”I will break your bones”!
I need a drop of poison to be satisfied to start again to run through my long ride


Album che contiene I want

album Endless rain - MD endless rainEndless rain
2013 - Rock, Alternativo
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