MD endless rain - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics The last goodbye



Credits The last goodbye

Riccardo Marinaro: lead vocals/ guitar
Giuseppe Labruzzo: bass
Giuseppe Greco: drums
Lorenzo Baiamonte: keyboards/ synth

Testo della canzone

The Last Goodbye
Do you want me to say I'm fine? I'll be fine, I'll try
It would be easier if you did not answer my question but you did, yeah you did
I will watch the sea, I will hear the waves and something will change
Maybe something will change... I hope
You woke up staring at me with your big light-coloured eyes
but I was sad, I was sad for the last goodbye...
What else do I have to wait for? Why do I have to wait for you?
I close my eyes when I see that light. It won't easily come back again..
I can't see any open doors... where are we going now? Where are we going now?

Riccardo Marinaro

Album che contiene The last goodbye

album Endless rain - MD endless rainEndless rain
2013 - Rock, Alternativo
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