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RESOUNDJNG is the first album, recorded under the direction of Simone Giorgi in Downtown Studios Pavia. It is advisable to taste it accompanied by good still red wine of at least 13.5% alcohol content! "



Riccardo Roccato Marco Giannella Davide Popi
voice, guitars drums, voice bass guitar, voice

All songs thought, written, music arranged and interpreted by Metaj.
Special music arrangement supports: Guido Tronconi (featuring Fungus) additional solo guitar on "Robi", Simone Giorgi backing vocals on "Social Distortion" and Simona Parisi (featuring Checkmate - All female band) backing vocals on "Dust Under The Carpet", "Social Distortion", "Fragments", phone call on "Robi".
Recorded at Downtown Studios, Via San Giovannino PV (www.downtownstudios.it).
Recorded, mixed and mastered by: Simone Giorgi and Metaj
Produced and distributed: Martinè records and Metaj.
Cover and Layout by Metaj.
It's done! Thank you Simone for your patience and for your extraordinary listen capability.Special Thanks even to William Novati (first tracks recording),to MetajFanClub and to Roberto Zurla (thanks to exist!).
2016 All right reserved.

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So, I think I'm weaker, My Throat is hot
and now a new execution changes my power line
drinking gasoline like a vitamine,
I wanna overcome the line between wrong and right.
Heaven is a message to believe in life,
to think somewhere the pleasure is the perfect law
Hypothetic bloom, new generation doom
but now I creep because my knees are still folded.
I spent too much time to reach a name a chain a boring town,
I can't imagine what's my fault (and) my bad deeds.
Now I'm weepin', I wonder why
I wonder.

Social Distortion - For A New Sharing Of Ideals
I am son of no one molded in the sand,
you took me back to another promised land,
now I find myself barking at the moon,
I reject, I mistake, I forget that I'm not in bloom.
Not in bloom.
Now you're hypnotized
try to identify what you are looking for
and reveal me your deep desires, don't tell me lies.
I'm your only myth
it's my kingdom come you need and you want
since you were born, trust my words
I'm your crown of thorns.
..have all the strawberry fields ever ripened again ?
No more

Robi, is not your dad only
so listen carefully I'll explain now who he is
Robi, spreading his mock wings
dreaming and seeing things we cannot understand
Take off your Hands!
The girl doesn't need your help.
Robi, narrated his stories
about mud and gold, and intronauts, and all his friends
Holy Bible and Tai Chi
Amazing weed, oriental seas
and one big dream
Take off your Hands!
The girl doesn't need your help.

It's a cold winter's night, a foggy curtain is fading the light,
sister dark is coming again.
Your world is sleeping now, your dreams are gone, you have a gun,
not so hard to say goodbye to all.
Fragile little flame in an empty space, your son's breath caresses your face.
Your father'll leave you dear son, now he cannot hear you and you want so.
Your hand on his forehead and his sadness as your testament,
but you will be like Jesus for him not the coward who you are.
Your eyes wide open, the nerves are broken.
Your mind is blowin' away, but your thoughts are still the same.
He will try to understand me,
understand you.
There's nothing else to say, the bullet is digging its way
the blood will dry and so the pain.

Party time is over dear chubby boys,
forget happy and cheery days and listen what I say.
I'll shake your brain and train you to be a bloody rampage
give me your allegiance, you'll never be the same!
You've got a talent deep inside of your soul,
you and every men since were born
an hidden time bomb ready to explode
a holy pulsion to die for.
Obey to the call of the war !

Every word You say, every game You play, come on ! Take care of Your Life !
Man Of This Age.

The secret for the domination of the world is buy them all.
Everything is salable, for those who know what have to look for.
Always remember that everyone will become slave
if you build them a friendly cage
Power main law is what they think you can, not what you do
don't let them try to understand
Richness, sex and drugs
all these things are so exciting.
But if someone will find You out
....so that ?
You gotta find a carpet to hide the dust.

Lost in whispers of the memory
in the torpor of my gloom I
feel myself as a dead leaf winding
round itself in a spiral of
far voices
no existence , no existence now
I collapse down on my knees , should I please?
in the empty hangar where I use to live
hearing only my voice in the echo of this silent breeze
repeating me every same old story of my disease
so lonely
can you hear me? can you feel them grow?
Room closed , light diffused , knees folded
G.L.A.S. spit their anger into the bored
a shepherd loves his flocks and feeds them
just to bring them to their slaughter
just to bring them to their slaughter

Finally I've found my way my son, I'm gone.
I won't never let you take me down again
you can even try to find another way
it's your choice I don't mind your fuckin' game,
this is my remedy to the stench of your soul.
'Cause life is what you build up,
you dressed your mask when you were born,
your golden age still burnin'better than the truth.
What the hell, Billy !


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