Michele Bravi - Serendipity testo lyric


I don’t wanna be a dreamer
Dreaming of the things I can’t get
But ever since I’ve seen her
it’s her face I can’t forget

Wish I would have realized the moment she looked at me
Wish I would have recognized my serendipity

When you find what you weren’t looking for
Cause finding what you’re looking for
is so damn hard

Ten seconds earlier
Ten seconds later
We’re worlds apart

And I wonder if she ever thinks about me
And I wonder if I am with her in her dreams
My Serendipity

So maybe I’m a dreamer
Cause she’s always in my head
Maybe I’m a loser
I just can’t settle for less

Sometimes I wish I could simply let go
Cause I crave a girl I don’t really know

I’m not looking, I’m not looking
I’m not looking for love
cause no one’s good enough

On this earth, in this life
No one compares
No one compares to her


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La canzone Serendipity si trova nell'album A passi piccoli uscito nel 2013.

Copertina dell'album A passi piccoli, di Michele Bravi

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