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A 22

And you’re unhappy
The things you really want
They don’t seem to belong to you
You feel quite happy
But quite is not enough
And you’re still waitin’ for “some kind of something” and say
“Everything is down on me..”
It’s so clear through my eyes
Pure and simple through my heart
All those shadows that you fear
Make great your soul
“Love can’t fail
Just keep on pushin’”
For what you really care
You have to feel the deepest desire
You have to wear a lion’s mane
As long as they hide their sly plan
Behind the mask of kindness
And build their kingdom on your fear
“Love can’t fail
Just keep on pushin’”
“Everything is down on me..”


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music: Floriana Chiaramonte, Umberto Duca
lirycs: Floriana Chiaramonte


La canzone A22 si trova nell'album Happy Death uscito nel 2020.

Copertina dell'album Happy Death, di Mida Maze

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