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Credits Night ride

written by odette di maio & jan de block

Testo della canzone

Scena 1
in the dark I feel like a blind fighter
and the path is not clear anymore
hell's around me...
someone is stopping right now
oh well, it's too late now, better go.

Scena 2:
Tic tac, my thumb's up,
a way to go ahead,
who knows...
my legs are tense now
I was moving too slow...
Cars speed by me
and I got to trust someone tonight.

Scena 3:
[tic tac, tic tac... boom]
I feel out of place,
I don’t have words to say.
His face‘s strange to me
like a morbid memory.
And I listen to my heart
beating faster!
I could be anywhere else
if I only could jump out,
but I'm here paralyzed
oh, with the moon that's there to smile at me.

Scena 4:
I see his glance over me
I feel his arms...

This nightmare will maybe fade tomorrow
this nightmare will fade tomorrow…

[I hate this guy]
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 !

Album che contiene Night ride

album Infection Miss O
Infection 2012 - Cantautoriale, Trip-Hop, Acustico

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