Miss O - Testo Lyrics The neptunian

Credits The neptunian

written by odette di maio & jan de block

Testo della canzone

As I listen to silence here - I find myself
A sea world wraps me around, what a feeling...
As I float on the wave

It's so peaceful inside
this neptunian womb

As the Sirens sing to me tonight
I am just breathing the blue
I lose all my weight and my feelings
I dive into dreaming, not to fall apart

It's so quiet inside
this neptunian womb

Hours away
where the distance grows wider
and my thoughts are no longer about you,
all my promises were true
but yesterday is thru'.

It's so lovely inside
this neptunian womb

I can't stop now and go back again
I can't go back again - by now

Goodbye, goodbye,
all the people that hurt me so badly
one more time...

(it feels great)

Way beyond boundaries:
the power of truth.

I lose all my weight and my feelings
and right after a scream, I fall apart!

I'm lost at last:
stop thinking of you!

Album che contiene The neptunian

album Infection - Miss OInfection
2012 - Cantautore, Trip-Hop, Acustico
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