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Warm and crispy as always, the third Monday Night: mixed, structured and recorded live on tape. The whole EP is a cutting-edge merger between old school and modern, carefully crafted sounds, to forge an outstanding collection of deep house tracks with a timeless fashion.

The opening track on side A serves a gentle two-chord loop, locked with a groove beat progression, whilst track two builds up a dense swarm of rapid drums, with synthetic bursts twirling on an energetic bassline.

On the B side, a bare, rampant one note bass leads a haunting, gloomy first track, whose main theme is surrounded by recurring confused, scatterbrained vocal samples, while the second one is characterized by the simplicity of an upright, stabbing rhythm directing an emotive one note chord. The ending track develops around a big, serious bassline, pleasantly contrasting with a succession of dreamy, floating melodies and noises.


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