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In every corner of the room
Energy is cradling me
The body sitting and the arms wide open
When I hear signs, that guiding me to think, again

This secret room has a window
Clear glass, good for hiding me
The kids are swinging and the garden’s full of people
And every time the clouds are passing by

I can feel it, is not so fine
I wonder who could figure me
The souls of demons walking slowly near the shadows
and every dai I try to understand


Why the tears, turn the page of your love
and through my window
I know you want to be done tonight
The disease is causing you to just fall
and go against the wall
when say you have to do something mean
watching beauty of this fucking world
but you have to fight
‘cause through my window I know you’re right
Believe me, and turn the light on

Uh uh uh
Come on baby, just let it be and play again
Uh uh uh
And every morning you won’t feel so bad, anymore
Uh uh uh

I hope you’re safe and sound
doing the right thing
Smile and laugh, and you’ll never be alone
All these days you trying to feel like Sunday
Satisfying your best intends
All your good friends, waiting for you
Let them help you to destroy your enemies
Even Monday can be a funny day, I know all about it, just through my window


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La canzone Through My Window si trova nell'album PRIVATE CONVERSATIONS - EP uscito nel 2020.

Copertina dell'album PRIVATE CONVERSATIONS - EP, di Moonmine
Copertina dell'album PRIVATE CONVERSATIONS - EP, di Moonmine

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