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The album, produced by Mike3rd, recorded in analog to Prosdocimi Recording Studios and mastered in Los Angeles by Ronan Chris Murphy, marked the return to the studio of Motherflower 10 years after their first job "4 Years on Rocking", dated 2005 .
The band, back together in 2013 after five years, had long been working on the songs of OUROBOROS: Passport, Smokers, Soulful Song, The Black Pen Revolution and Drill Down.
Thanks to the new and positive collaboration with their artistic producer Mike3rd, Motherflower in OUROBOROS have a look decidedly renewed: their "blues rock vein" is always present but the desire to give color and enrich their songs is the novelty in sound, which draws liberally from listening to the giants of the English psychedelic rock and improvisation: the last Beatles (those of Abbey Road, Revolver and Sgt.Peppers), Pink Floyd, Genesis and King Crimson (to name only a few) have undoubtedly been great sources of inspiration.
The band in OUROBOROS has thus given free rein to their creativity, inserting distortions and delays, theremin, synths, jazzy improvisations, acoustic guitars, harmonicas, percussion and introspective and delicate moments, like the ballad Soulful Song.
There are friends musicians involved in OUROBOROS: guitarists Franco Borromello (Hot Leggings, Alex Sure) and Pablo Gastaldello (Infuso) performed respectively in Passport and Drill Down. Also their friends Giulia, Laura, Simonetta and Vania are singers in Smokers.
The album is available in the major digital stores such as iTunes, Google Play, Shazam, Spotify.
The true lovers of the so-called "physical support" can find OUROBOROS in an appealing digipack with cover designed by Maestro Giancarlo Sartore and artwork signed Andrew Pozzy.


Motherflower is a term that is used to filter out the profanity of the word mother fucker or motha fucka.

An ancient symbol frequently used in alchemical illustrations to symbolize the circular nature of the alchemist's opus. Often represents self-reflexitivity or cyclicality, especially in the sense of something constantly recreating itself thus illustrating the Nietzschean concept of eternal recurrence.
It was said the symbol was dicovered on the Silk Road and was named by Greek travelers.


Luca Violetto - Guitars
Antonio Visonà - Drums
Davide Facco - Voice, Harmonica, Synth, Theremin
Francesco Visonà - Bass, Voice

Produced, recorded and mixed by Mike 3rd at Prosdocimi Recording Studio.
Studio assistant, drums tech: Alberto Stocco.
Mastered by Ronan Chris Murphy at Veneto West, Los Angeles, USA.

All songs and lyrics are written by Motherflower.
All songs are protected and deposited at with licence numbers 19439, 19540, 19541, 19542, 19543.

2015 Motherflower - all rights reserved


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