Muddy Fly like water Testo Lyrics

Muddy Fly like water Testo Lyrics


Emilia Romagna

Testo della canzone

Laying my head on your legs waiting for the new day
I watch a candle burn this air I watch the shade
The world outside this room is wasting,killing and crying
I used to be sad for all this but now I've changed my mind

'cause I'm alone it's true
I'm alone I drift out to
To a place I don't belong
A secret way

This air is heavy and dirty but I breath from your mouth
If your skin burns in flames of passion I'll be your fire
If you are thirsty you can drink me until I get dry
my blood is your wine my veins scream for a dose of your smile

You're moist like the water
Today I will swim in
Today I will swim in the water
Today today I drink from your fountain
Please stay like a fish in the water
Don't drift away

Album che contiene like water

album R_evolution - Muddy Fly
R_evolution 2004 - Grunge Sub Records

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