Muddy Fly liquid shadow Testo Lyrics

Muddy Fly liquid shadow Testo Lyrics


Emilia Romagna

Testo della canzone

Liquid shadows in the dark, light a candle
Demons drinking acid rain, dance with angels
Freezing winds blow in the ears, of a stranger
Satan smiling gets the key, of the heaven
He's outrageous, Contagious, Too furious, he's too faithful

Hide the scars, find all you want to know
Stay awake, wait until Satan comes
Kill the pain, smile at something you don't know
Teach me how to drown and I will never burn

Wolves running down the mountains
Dead men walking in a black dress
Wake up children it's time to leave here
Outrageous, contagioust, too faithful

Album che contiene liquid shadow

album R_evolution - Muddy Fly
R_evolution 2004 - Grunge Sub Records

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