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Testo della canzone

All alone in town
I watch the lights go down,
Nothing is safe but
I feel so free and proud,
Before the midnight
I'm gonna waste my mind
The cold creeps inside
The thoughts are hot and bright

People wait for
Something that never comes
They feel so empty
They feel so insicure
I take a breath now
I smoke my mind away
I don't ask myself how
How can I still be here

Twisting turning drowning in myself
If the world collapsed
I would be thankful for the fear I chased
Because tonight i'm so okay

I've lost the faith for
All the things that you pray
I seem so strange now
I don't care if you hate me
I will drink tonight
Until the sun will raise
The blood becomes wine
The veins will burn in flames

Album che contiene smoke

album R_evolution Muddy Fly
R_evolution 2004 - Grunge Sub Records

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