Descrizione a cura della band

The Original mix of "Peace & Melody" is simply fantastic.
A beautiful piece of music, strings faintly weaning in and out atop of Marinella's lush and hopeful voice, it makes the listener feel good and rich at the same time.

Opening with the remix duties, Gutterstylz comes nothing short with an amazing club house tune.
Disco space vibes atop Marinella's beautiful voice make this THE best vocal house track we've heard this year by far, and it builds and builds proper, with atmospheric pads and a glistening chime sound in the background.

The second remix comes from wildly talented Holland-based producer Bart Van Wissen, and he puts together an electro-prog pumping house number, feel good vibes, punchy in rhythm, and very effective on the dance floor.

Dj Yellow brings us to the third remix on the release, and it is unbelievable.
Taking a darker tone, hypnotic spells abound and melodic washes aplenty towards the latter section make this a heavy winner and receiving su…


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