Descrizione a cura della band

ARIA is the first single taken from “Independent”, the debut album of M U T O, that will be released by Prismopaco Records on February 17th, 2017.

Aria has been the first single composed by M U T O when he decided to became a solo artist, and it contains all the sensations and feelings that were in his mind, but hadn’t a voice, a sound. This single, with a remix version and a cover of “Crystalised” by The XX, will be available in all digital stores from December 16th, 2016, in a special edition, only digital, just to introduce this brand new project.

Aria is what my mind gives back to the world, mixed with my inner thoughts: it’s my Air (Aria ndr), everything that tuns around and inside myself. This track is the glimpse of what I live, of everything that feeds my mind, between moments of peace and instants of concern.

This single is supported by a video, entirely taken on the cold and abandoned Alcatraz island, in San Francisco. This particular place, uncommon and dramatic at the same time, so close to the city and to his life, but at the same time so incredibly far from it, is surely the most suitable landscape to describe the constant war of feelings and sensations that created ARIA.


Label: Prismopaco Records
Press: Astarte Agency
Mastering: Tapewave Mastering


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