MUTONIA - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Meat For Voltures



Credits Meat For Voltures

Prostin - Chitarra/Voce
Fabio - Basso
Maurizio - Batteria

Testo della canzone

A walk on the desert, all day long, through the land.
Looking the ground, there is sand everywhere.
I see the mountain and the sun coming down.
There is dust on the way, a lot of cactus around.

It's just like:
Desert. Silence. Fuck!

The shine of the sun.
Radiates the sand way.
The vultures are come.
Get up and try to escape.

"It's the only way. To stay alive.
The desert said: Run far away."

It's not your place.
Ahh ahhhh
It's not your place.
Ahh ahhhh

"In the desert you can't survive.
Meat for vultures: Run far away.
In the desert you can realyze.
Meat for vultures: Run far away."

Album che contiene Meat For Voltures

album Wrath Of The Desert - MUTONIAWrath Of The Desert
2015 - Stoner, Rock
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