MUTONIA - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics M.E.T.H.



Credits M.E.T.H.

Prostin - Chitarra/Voce
Fabio - Basso
Maurizio - Batteria

Testo della canzone

A trip around the world, I'm going to try.
With my friend's car I come, now I can drive.
Yeah, I'll wait you on the other side.
Nothing is wrong with it.
We're not going to die.


"Headtrip in my mind!
Headtrip in my brain!
Headtrip the best way!

"Now I'm on the headtrip. Far away in my mind.
There's nothing wrong with me. I'll find my way, I'm going to try.
I feel the head trip. Far away in my mind.
The history can prove that only the death makes you die."

Album che contiene M.E.T.H.

album Wrath Of The Desert - MUTONIAWrath Of The Desert
2015 - Stoner, Rock
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