MUTONIA - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Thunderstorm



Credits Thunderstorm

Prostin - Chitarra/Voce
Fabio - Basso
Maurizio - Batteria

Testo della canzone

He's ready to go.
He should have fear.
Pray yourself. Go out of here, now.
The shame is not runnin' away, come to me.
It's a game.

Shut yourself and watch the sky ai la lai.
Ready to begin.
He will let you know.
The ire of thunderstorm!

He's ready to go.
He should have fear of God.
He instigates the Lord.
You waste your fuckin' time.
And everything that gave you.
You did a wrong thing one more time.

He hates you.
He hates you all.
Your hope, your soul.
The ire of the...

"God send rain from the sky!
Thunderstorm will end your life.
Water can wash it all away.
Thunderstorm again."

Album che contiene Thunderstorm

album Wrath Of The Desert - MUTONIAWrath Of The Desert
2015 - Stoner, Rock
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