My Awesome Mixtape - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Hilarious



Testo della canzone

Mum just ban me
to exit before 5 o'clock
this scene conjured up me
visions of my adolescence
swearing, crying, swearing
tearing apart
weepin, weeping, weeping
My lonely and sad Waterloo
a paradogmatic problem
just wait to be solved
the difference between coffee or milk
depends on my conduct
Ego my personal hero
suddenly flickering out
Hyperspace, changing in mood
The icon of my childhood
Separate the raincoats
from windcoats
We are intended to love our ego
personal guitar hero

Album che contiene Hilarious

album My Lonely And Sad Waterloo - My Awesome MixtapeMy Lonely And Sad Waterloo
2007 - Pop, Indie, Elettronico I Dischi De L'Amico Immaginario, My Honey Records
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