My Awesome Mixtape - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics I've Lost My Language



Testo della canzone

A long way
to find the real salvation
Enjoy celebration
we, soulseekers day after day
Louder maybe too much louder
we don't want to commit a murder
our last hope untill night has come
Did you hear to that sound,
so fascinated sound,
that makes us all sing all around
People told me to love neighboroud
To find a word
We lost our Language
As drawing desert
into the sea

Album che contiene I've Lost My Language

album My Lonely And Sad Waterloo - My Awesome MixtapeMy Lonely And Sad Waterloo
2007 - Pop, Indie, Elettronico I Dischi De L'Amico Immaginario, My Honey Records
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