My Awesome Mixtape - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Lilith Spring



Testo della canzone

Lilith was the first Honoured to be called
and the first who suffer hunger and thirst
she was not inferior as Eve was considered to
not by a rib was born, not by the blood of a man
She was as equal as his fellow Boyfriend
maybe too much for a woman in the lord land
We passed lovely days litterarly, lilith spring
Her second name was demon
her second breath was the air we breath
We passed lovely days litterarly, lilith spring

Album che contiene Lilith Spring

album My Lonely And Sad Waterloo - My Awesome MixtapeMy Lonely And Sad Waterloo
2007 - Pop, Indie, Elettronico I Dischi De L'Amico Immaginario, My Honey Records
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