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"Cynical Quietness" by My Dear Killer and "Bounce" by Tettu Mortu composes the third volume of the split collection entitled “Cinque Pezzi Facili” edited by Under My Bed.
In Cynical Quietness, My Dear Killer continues his personal exploration through the seasons of lovelessness. The EP is a brief acoustic passage by the depth of incommunicability in which the usual mesh of drawn and feedback are substituted by field recordings of the Scottish winter.
Bounce is a collection of short sketches in which, for the occasion, Tettu Mortu replaces the extended noise improvisation that characterised the previous works (Christo EP, Fields Ep). The electronic bruit-ism of the first two episodes leaves the place, gradually, to the field recordings dominated closing tracks.
Ten pieces to remember that the winter will be coming soon again.


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